Florida’s on the Way to becoming the 3rd most Populous State!

Census figures announced this week show that in the coming weeks Florida will have more residents than New York, which means Florida will become the nation’s 3rd most populous state behind only California and Texas.   What’s interesting about this development is that it’s not only retirees driving Florida’s population growth, but it appears people of all ages are moving into Florida. Regardless of the age range, most new residents point to the same main factors of why they picked Florida,  1) No Income Tax, 2)   The Weather, and 3) The availability of jobs.  #1 & #2 have always been Florida’s strong suit, but #3 is interesting in that it represents a shift over the past few years as Florida emerges from the recession.

Of course the question always is, what does this mean for Real Estate?  A continued influx of buyers is always good for Real Estate prices and especially good for Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and Flagler County.  Even at the height of the real estate bubble in 2005/6, Palm Coast and Flagler County represented the most affordable housing options on the Atlantic coast, and that remains true today. There is nowhere else in the country, east coast or west coast for that matter, that is more affordable than Palm Coast in terms of being within 10 minutes of the beach.  This bodes well long term for Palm Coast and Flagler County. Prices have increased steadily over the past 12-18 months and rents are up as well, this points to a strengthening Real Estate market.

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