Funding Real Estate Purchases in Flagler County, Florida

One of the first things prospective buyers need to do before they start shopping around for their dream home is to decide how they are going to pay for the property?  If they have cash, how much cash do they want to use?  Maybe they might want to just use some cash for a down payment and use the bank’s money to pay for it?  Either way they need to be able to show proof of funding prior to making an offer on a property. 
When a buyer chooses to pay cash for a home they need to have either a letter from their bank stating that they have X amount of funds at their disposable to pay for the property or they need to have a copy of a bank statement showing that the funds are available.
If a buyer needs to get a loan to buy a house they need to get a pre-qualifying letter from their lender.  This is an easy enough thing to achieve.  They just need to call the lender, provide requested information over the phone and if satisfactory the lender will then issue a pre-approval letter.  When the buyer has an actual contract on the property they will need to submit documentation to the lender verifying all of the information they gave the lender by phone. Don’t know any lenders?  There are lots of good lenders available in Palm Coast, ask your Realtor for a recommendation.
When purchasing property in Palm Coast Florida or anywhere in Flagler County, Florida, It is important to have a pre-approval letter or proof of funds from the bank prior to making an offer as all good Realtors will advise their sellers not to accept any offers that are not accompanied by proof of funds. So when making an offer, do as Jerry Maguire would say and be ready to show the money!
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